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Location & Operation
1271 Yeamans Hall Rd.
Hanahan, SC 29410

Monday - Closed
T-F 12:00pm - 7:00pm
Sat 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sun 12:00pm - 5:00pm

We are located on Yeamans Hall Rd, just off Remount Rd, in North Charleston. We are easily accessible by I-26 and I-526. Please call for exact directions to our store.
Welcome to the Photo Gallery. In this section you will find various and really nice pictures that have been contributed by several Tideline Aquatics supporters. On the right side of the page you can click on a 'Contributors' name to view the pictures they have submitted for our website.
Andy Kaffee
AnnMarie Bozek
Barry & Rhonda
Blake & Lori Weathers
Bobby Vetteman
Carl Patrick
Casey Gareth
Chris Davis
Chris & Mark
Chris Patrick
Colin King Lewis
Criswell Family
David Advard
Debbie Syrett
DJ Joanie Kirkland
Dr Dre
Eduardo Gomez
Gerald Hornsby
Glen Kramer
Hope R.
Jack Holders
Janet Masonberg
Jason Volpi
Jeff Hagen
Jenny Dangerfield
John Melfi
John White
Keith Biggs
Keith Cutaia
Kevin Crawford
Kevin Rasso
Kim McManus
Mark LeCouter
Maxwell Family
Michael Kasey
Michael O'Leary
Nancy Sue Platz
Qualls Family
Randall Davis
Randy Williams
Richard Rogers Berry
Rick Tim
Roger Knobe
Ron Advard
Sam Andrews
Tom Taylor
Faith Geiger
Mike Langlan
Wendy Poker
Doris Stark
Mark Jackson
Kernen Family
Bremenour Family
Henry Bazemore Jr
Andrew Miller
Karen Coulter
Ernestine & John Marcoux
Jim & Stacey Smith
Amy Drehmel
Jimmy Smith
Nelson Family
David Riggs
Joe Gorin
Alan Templeton
Veronica Cashwell
Tom Aquino
Darrin Kaiser
Karen Collins
Casey & Chad Salvador
Monnie Fishel
Jason & Becky Anderson
Sarah Reeves
Clint Dicks
Bryan Pender
Online Store - Just a click away!

Our On-Line Aquatic Store is now up and running on our website. To access the on-line store, click on the "products" link up in the main menu.

We have teamed up with our main distributor to expand our product line. As you know our store is packed with all types of aquatic products for your aquarium. There are many more products available out there that we just do not have the space to stock in our store. Now those products are just a "click" away! We would always prefer that you purchase your products directly from our store but if you see a product in our on-line store that we do not stock, now it is available to you! You can either purchase the product directly through the On-Line Store or we will gladly special order it for you! When you do order from the On-Line Store, the staff at our distributor will ship the product directly to you. All on-line orders are shipped within 2 business days of receiving your order. There are also many informative articles on fish diseases, setting up aquariums, aquarium and garden pond problem solving, pond/aquarium filtration suggestions and much, much more. All warranty issues, damaged merchandise and/or defective products purchased through the On-Line Store must be handled through the on-line staff. Purchases made at our store in Hanahan will be handled through us, just as in the past - including special order items!